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One service that would never be left out by a digital marketing firm is Content Marketing. It is the finest ingredient to every successful website. We may pride ourselves in creating strategic and eye-popping website designs but Los Angeles Web Design Company comes second to none when it comes to Content Marketing services.

If web design is the mouth-watering buttermilk icing to the cake, content would be the cream cheese filling. It gives depth, flavor, and substance to your website. It is what people will come back for again and again.

Many firms will feed you with extravagant promises of online success. However, it takes a really great digital marketing company to break down the process for you transparently. Here at Los Angeles Web Design Company, we don’t sugar-coat our offers. We value transparency and loyalty the most and we make sure to emulate the same values towards our clients. Allow us to brief you through how our content marketing works.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is essentially a digital marketing strategy that draws the market’s attention through effective and creative use of written media. If we’re talking about online content, this may refer to blog posts, guest posting, social media content, newsletters, press releases, and other similar creations. Digital marketers strongly believe in the power and impact of written media which is why they try to maximize the use of content in their online marketing strategies.

Many firms, however knowledgeable about content theories, hardly have the right experience to back up their claims. This is what sets Los Angeles Web Design Company apart from its competition. With over 12 years of market experience under our belt, we can back our claims with real results. We’ve ranked clients’ websites for over 2,000 high-volume keywords over the past decade so you can trust that we know what we’re doing.

If there’s any firm that can bring real results to your company, it would be Los Angeles Web Design Company.

But what makes up winning content anyway?

The 3 Key Points Of Winning Content

Other agencies may be a little hesitant to share this with you but we’re not. After all, we believe in fostering healthy partnerships with our clients and we want you to know exactly how we get things done around here. We’ll share with you what makes any content great.

First is relevance. The reason why most content marketing strategies fail is because the approach used is too focused on making sales than giving actual value to users. When content material is too saturated with “marketing tactics,” it ceases to be something of value for readers. All they’ll see is buy, buy, and buy; it doesn’t take a sharp mind to catch on to the underlying motives of such material. Many online users are put off by this type of content. In fact, they’re wary of such types.

While users understand that in order for business sites to keep operating they do need to make money, they still want to know that the business they’re going to support genuinely has the desire to help the online community by providing relevant content to their readers. If it’s all about making sales, most people would just walk away from your website.   

Next is timeliness. It’s important that the content your website produces addresses a particular concern of people of this time. You wouldn’t want to keep on publishing outdated information or talk about obsolete topics. There are timeless pieces that you can work on or topics that continue to be relevant to this day but if you’re writing content for industries that are on the fast-track, you have to stay on top of the latest developments. Users appreciate websites that can supply them with accurate information at the right time. They’re also more likely to put their trust (and money) on those websites.

Lastly, make it actionable. I did say that “salesy” content tend to scare rather than attract online users. But that is no reason for you to make your content bland and unconvincing. Great content makes users take action. It makes them want to do or try something out without making it seem forced or unnatural.

These three points are what we apply to our content marketing strategies. No matter what content medium we use, we make sure that it’s relevant, timely, and actionable. This can be the kind of content you offer on your website too if you partner with us.

To know more about our content marketing services, feel free to get in touch with Los Angeles Web Design Company today.