National SEO

Assuming you’ve successfully launched your Local SEO campaign and it has shown promising results, the next thing to do is to move forward. It only makes sense to aim for the boss level after you’ve carefully won all the mini levels, after all. Now that you have a steady foundation, you can afford to rock the boat a little and challenge the odds.

When you say Local SEO, you strategize for a single city – a single state, at most. Your audience is most likely hundreds of thousands and that is a big feat on its own. However, when you say National, we are talking not twice, thrice, or even five times a city’s population. We are talking about reaching millions of people; millions of diverse personalities and cultures that you need to mash together into one effective marketing strategy.

National SEO is your ticket to becoming a world-renowned brand. 

But, it’s also really scary if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. This is why you need the right help – our help.

Los Angeles Web Design Company can help your business not just win over LA but the rest of the United States. With the growing popularity of the internet, many businesses have taken their trades online. Things that you never thought would be possible can now be made into reality because of internet connectivity. The online world is a place that brings people together – it also brings businesses closer to buyers. And there is but one requirement:

You have got to know how to make some noise.

Introducing National SEO

National SEO is what’s going to pivot your business to success. By applying proven and tested techniques to your company’s website, our company can help your business top the SERPs. By predicting market movement and researching buyers’ actions, we can help you optimize your website to suit users’ needs. Just imagine: Every targeted search users make, your website will be there among the top choices. This will undoubtedly increase your conversions, and subsequently your profits, in the long run.

What’s The Main Difference Between Local & National SEO?

If by any chance you just scrambled to this page without knowing the first thing about Local or National SEO, you probably would want to take a step back and check out our page for Local SEO. After all, we highly recommend that you start your business with Local SEO before you move up to the National level. This is because of one fundamental factor: Scope.

The main difference between the two approaches lies in market reach. National SEO, as the name suggests, refers to a broader approach. It connects you with a larger audience – which could mean a jungle of personalities, needs, preferences, cultures, and other factors that influence buying decisions.

In other words, National SEO is all about finding your place in that chaotic market environment and connecting with the right audience for your product. In order for this to be possible for your business, you first need to develop a backbone for it. This you can achieve through Local SEO.

If we’re going into the technicalities, National SEO is about ranking for generic searches or short-tail. These types of searches generate results in droves which mean it’s more challenging to get to the top of the results pages. The competition is a lot tougher compared to a local setting but with excellent help from an experienced team of SEO professionals, ranking for generic keywords is more than possible.

To date, Los Angeles Web Design Company has ranked over 2,000 high-frequency keywords and counting! If anyone can help your business rise to the top, it would be our team. Knowledge, experience, and loyalty are what we bring to the table. We can take charge of your digital marketing campaign while you just focus on bagging those sales and sealing those deals.

If you want to know more about National SEO or figure out if your business is ready for it, get in touch with our team of experts today. No contracts or commitments of any kind; you can start and end our services any time you want. We’ll even throw in a FREE WEBSITE AUDIT so that you know exactly what your website needs to win over the competition. Go big or go home! Contact us today!